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Built for small Businesses like us. V4 takes immense pride in how our teams help every day Australian Businesses uncomplicate Telecoms. Our Customers include major takeaway chains, solicitors, neighbourhood cafes and other small businesses across Australia

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What Our
Customers Are Saying

Today my service on the phone was able to fix the issue.
We have however been having difficulties ongoing for the last 3-4 weeks.
Today with help from Elizabeth/Anna the issue was resolved in around 1 hour.
Today I rate my help with Elizabeth a 8 out of 10
- Jarrod Riches
Problem solved in speedy manner. Customer service 8 out of 10
10 Very well spoken and helpful thanks for the great discount. Service 10 out of 10
My scoring to V4 is 10. They are very understanding. Good job V4
- Mrs. Alfreda Dewhurst
I would rate my calls with you at a 10, you kept in contact and you were very helpful.
All questions answered. Experience rated as 10.
Service 10 out of 10
Service 10/10
I don't have any worries with V4 telecom I don't have any problems.
I won't hesitate to ring u thanks very much.
Very good service. 10 out of 10
Hi Elizabeth Thank you for the great service . I will rate you 9 out of ten
- Laurence
1. Yes all queries were answered in a very professional and patient manner that i appreciated.
2. Experience would be a 9 as very few times it was difficult to communicate but did not deter much from experience.
- Kimberly GRANA
Good afternoon Akriti, The problem was identified quickly and your actions to resolve it I found to be well above average. The score I would give you is a 10. Great work.
- Colin Lowe
All of my questions were answered and I am happy to give a rating of 10. Thanks for your help
- Lee Sandley
Thankyou Elizabeth you are fantastic and very patient & worth lots more $$$$ thank you again 10 out of 10
Yes you were able to answer all the questions thanks for taking the time in helping with resetting the internet
- Steven John Olive
Thanks for your perceiverance &tolerance & I would rate the service an 8. Thank You Daryl
Feedback is 10 out of 10. Her service was amazing!
Thank you Elizabeth for your help. It was much appreciated. Have a beautiful day.
I have always been very happy with V4 Telecom. The service has always been good. 8/10. Regards. Tim Meehan.
All questions were answered. Experience rated as 10.
Service 10 out of 10
Customer service 10/10
Very good service. 10 out of 10
Great work. Nice easy transition over to the NBN at no extra cost for Tech support. Thanks.
Hi Pallav
you were very helpful and you score 10 out of 10
Ten out of ten for good service
good service, team was trying very hard to fix our phone problems.
- Woraphat Onthon
Experience rated 10. All queries were answered in a timely manner, so helpful & giving me follow up call to check everything was work
Thank you.
Yes, you were able to help in a timely, efficient and friendly manner. I would rate the experience a 9 out of 10, highly recommended.
Yes you answered my queries efficiently and got back to me quickly so thank you. 9/10 Very helpful
Very friendly, able to explain the procedure well, happy with service all round.
On a scale of 1 to 10 I give 9 out of 10
Very friendly, able to explain the procedure well, happy with service all round.
- Bennetts Magill Pottery
good service, team was trying very hard to fix our phone problems.
- Benchawan Angkurarat
Yes you answered my queries efficiently and got back to me quickly so thank you. Very helpful Scores: 9/10

I would also like to say thank you for all your time and effort with this. I believe it would have been more difficult had we not had your assistance.

  • You always get back to us in a timely manner and we really appreciate having your direct number. Because of you, I would highly recommend V4 Telecom to other businesses, colleagues, family and friends.
  • I would give you and your company 10 out of 10 for your service.
  • Overall it is a pleasure to be your customer and a big thank you from us for everything you have done. Adi you truly are a credit to your company!!
- Yvette Cottrill
I feel privileged to have a company like V4 looking after my accounts. When I first received the phone call, I don’t know why I did not hang up like I always do when a company encourages me to switch. Maybe I was just fed up with Telstra. I am so glad that I did. I now have Nitesh as my personal account manager and I can ring or email him knowing he really will respond. We are building a professional relationship that I have never experienced with a phone company. The transition to NBN went without a hitch and they have identified several numbers that I was paying too much for so they have cancelled or reduced the plans of those lines and have saved me a bundle. I cannot speak highly enough of this company. It has taken me a while to fully trust a phone company after years of frustration with Telstra, but I have complete faith in Nitesh! Thank you, thank you, thank you
Hello Neha, Just take this opportunity to thank you for your help in discussing the proposed changes to our account to include the NBN and look forward to the faster internet. Everything discussed was easy to understand due to your clear grasp of the English language and phone manner. Thank you for your phone call, nice to speak with you. Have a good week end.
- Phil & Lynne Deayton
Hello Avinanden, Thank you for your quick and thorough response to my plight. It was a shame Avijig could not perform in the manner that you did and that I was inconvenienced for a number of weeks. I am pleased with the assistance you have provided. Thank you for having my phone lines restored. I will be sure to contact you I the future when this arises again.
- Monique Bladen
Regards to the phone call today on 23 feb2017 i was very happy that you answered all my questions and delt with them for me kind regards mr m l scothern 10 out of 10
- Mick Scothern
We have been without a phone since 1st of February and in that time no body has been able to help me. On Tuesday 14th February Akriti has been assigned our case we now have the phone back on we are a small business and rely on a phone for orders. I would like to thank her very much she was very professional and friendly also understanding of our situation. Thank You so much
- Val
I was very happy with your help with my Wifi set up for my Ipad. Everything is working excellent. You and your team helped me a lot and I will recommend your services to my friends. I look forward to work with you in the future, but hopefully I will not need your help ,I hope so. I wish you nice day.
- Helen Nemcovsky
Hi Akriti. Thank you for your help setting up my new NBN modem you were very helpful and patient. Your service was outstanding thanks again.
- Michelle Lines
Thank you for your very professional explanation of the V4 Telecom Plan Neha. It was presented succinctly & with clarity. You are doing a great job, we look forward to continue to enjoy your friendly & helpful Service.
Thanks for your call about the updated services. Which also included some much appreciated savings. Thank you very much. Great to talk with Neha , she help with our needs.
HI Avi. A BIG thank you for your help, and patience, today sorting out our major dramas with our internet service. Even though the original problem was with Telstra, your support and help in sorting this out was very much appreciated. I will be sure to refer you to my clients and other contacts.
- Louise Snowdon
I found the Customer Experience Specialist to be very patient and he stayed on the problem until it was solved.
Thank you for your assistance Neha. We have renewed our account for a further 12 months because the service V4 Telecom provides is excellent. I have had quick responses to all my enquiries in the past, and any issues are solved very efficiently. It is worthwhile staying with V4 Telecom for my company, as I am confident of good service, and fast solutions to any queries.
- Karen Brown
I received wonderful and fantastic support from Joe in your support area. He is patient, fast and follows up sensationally. He has rewritten the standards for customer service amongst any of the telco’s I’ve ever dealt with in 30 odd years of business. Thanks again.
- Steve, Spa Allure
Thank you for your time today. We are looking forward to transferring over to V4 and want to thank you for the customer number as well. We will most certainly recommend V4 Telecom to others as the service and follow up we have had in joining has been fantastic! We’ve dealt with people and not call centres so good on you guys for that!
- Donna
It’s great to see you excel in this business, and this feedback only proves your hard work. We look forward to great things to occur in 2014! You’re off to a great start! Love it!
- Greg
My feedback on v4 telecom is that I receive great advice and I am kept up to date on the newest business options v4 telecom can offer my business and especially via person to person. Priyanka has been very helpful with advising me on new options for my business from what services v4 telecom have to offer. We have spoken on numerous occasions and Priyanka is always very polite and knowledgable on the services available to me. V4 Telecom 10 out of 10 .
- Nebojsa Bakovic,Morillas Cafe
Hi Prianka My name is Peter Roantree I want to thank you and all the people at V4Telecom . I have recently moved into a complex that as approximately 380 residents to which quite a few of them were saying that they had trouble connecting to the internet .You got me connected fairly quickly and I have passed on and recommended one of my friends next door and hopefully you can connect them. I will also have no hesitation in letting more of the residents in this complex know your name cheers and all the best
- Peter & Eleanor Roantree
I have been very impressed with the patience and help given by Simon today. Through my own error I made a mistake with my landline and Internet connection. Simon was very understanding and immediately sorted this out to my great appreciation.
- Jacqualine O'Brien
Thank you Priyanka for sending this information quickly as advised good service .
- Allan Reese
The service was good .The lady Priyanka I spoke to was very kind and I felt good to talk to her very helpful
- Mohammad
It was a surprise to receive Neha’s call offering a lower rate on our landline account, but a pleasant one.To date we have not had any issues with V4 Telecom and the services provided. The customer service was very patient with me from first month when I panicked about the Direct Debit not coming out, but all the payments are being paid on time.Thank you for all your assistance,
- Karen Brown
Thank you Neha for your effort in lowering our phone bills & for your professionalism & politeness .
- Regards Warwick
Thank you Neha and the team at V4 for your efficiency and courtesy in managing this renewal. All persons I spoke with displayed courtesy and their product knowledge was excellent.
- Rowena Topia
Hi Neha. I appreciate your call today and keeping in touch with us. Especially because I get to save more money.You were very informative and easy to speak with. I look forward to speaking with you in the future.I am happy with V4 and hope to have a long term association.
- Peter
Hi Neha, many thanks for your support ,as I was pleased we confirmed the next 6 months . I really appreciate your professional approach, follow up and persistence .thank you for doing such a good job as you certainly respect the point of customer service.
- Bob Hart
Thank you for your call Neha regarding our contract with V4 Telecom. It was nice to know that you were offering a package that suits us better and save money for us in the process. You explained everything very clearly and answered my questions simply which made it easier for us to continue And renew our contract with V4 Telecom. Once again many thanks for your time and manner with our contract needs
- Talijancich Wines
I appreciated the service provided by Neha and I am very happy with the service and continued support we receive from V4 Telecom Pty. Ltd.
- Norma Moon
Thank you Priyanka for your wonderful service, you clearly explained the steps you would take to rectify our problem as well as have all our land line calls diverted to my mobile phone – I really appreciate such helpful and courteous service thank you again – I will be recommending your company to friends and family.
- Emma Munnings
I was very pleased to receive your phone call offering the Bridgetown CRC telephone costing options that will reduce our monthly costs. It is pleasing that a company like V4 Telecom has the good business sense to reward its long serving customers who also ensure they met their obligations. (paying on time). I found your approach both personable and focussed on our business costs which was very pleasing. You acted efficiently and appeared to be well researched in our needs. Thank you for all your help and I will, as promised contact you again following next month’s account receipt.
- John Nicholas JP
Thank you Neha for your call regarding my contract, I really appreciate your information regarding the reduction of my existing contract and understand that my bill total should now be considerably lower.I will contact you when NBN is available in my area to discuss internet options.
- Trish Ayoub
Hi Neha, my experience since switching to V4 Telecom has been very good. I was sceptical about the change, but am very happy with your business. My costs have reduced considerably. Thank you for your assistance with this process – you have been great to deal with – very helpful and efficient. I would have no hesitation in recommending your company to others, in fact, my wife’s business has now switched to you.
- Dennis Somers
Thank you Neha for your phone call this morning. It is nice to have a name to be able to contact if the need arises. The information you gave and assurance of my continued telephone contract is helpful. I have been very happy with V4 Telecom since I started using your company, and have certainly had nothing to complain about. Look forward to keeping up the relationship with you Neha.
- Josie Baker
I have been served this afternoon by Surojit in your technical department. Surojit was very patient, polite, professional and knowledgeable. He was able to resolve my internet issue which seemed difficult. He is a credit to your company. I’m new to your company and this is a good sign for me. Please pass on my gratitude to Surojit.
- Marvet Tawadrps
Thank you for you assistance yesterday and today. You were well informed about the issue and got back to us promptly with a response which addressed our query. Much appreciated!
- Nicki booth
Neha, I am impressed with the service that you have offered by contacting me to reduce my monthly Plan, much appreciated. My original provider would just leave me on the old expensive plans.
- Terry Ellis