V4 4G Mobile Tariffs

Voice Plans V4 3GMOB1 V4 3GMOB2 V4 3GMOB3 V4 3GMOB4
Minimum Monthly Plan Fee $39.99 $49.99 $59.99 $69.99
Monthly Usage Included (No Rollover permitted) $500 $1000 $2000 $2500
Monthly Mobile Data Cap (Excess charges beyond Cap Applies) 500 MB 1 GB 2 GB 3 GB
Contract Term Applicable 24 months 24 months 24 months 24 months
SIM One Off Issue Fee charged Upfront $19.99 $19.99 $19.99 $0

Usage Charges (Applies to all V4 Mobile Tariffs)

Description Flagfall
National Voice Calls Flagfall 49c per such call made
Calls To Fixed 85c per minute Flagfall 49c per call
Calls to Mobile (Any Network) 85c per minute Flagfall 49c per call
National Video Calls (Any Network) 85c per minute Flagfall 49c per call
Call Forwarding (Same charges for Diversion: Mobile to Fixed Mobile to Mobile) 85c per minute
Calls to 13/1300 Numbers 85c per minute Flagfall 49c per call
Calls to 1800 Numbers Free
National SMS 29c per message sent
National MMS 49c per message sent
International SMS 55c per message sent
International MMS 75c per message sent
National Voicemail Deposit Free
National Voicemail Retrieval 85c per minute
National Mobile Data 16c per MB used
SIM Card One Time Issue Fee charged Upfront $19.99 per SIM issued Returns = $19.99 + Cost of Delivery
Critical Info Summary International Call Rates

1.V4 Monthly Standard Usage Allowance: Includes National Voice Calls (some exclusions apply), National SMS, National MMS, Calls to 13/1300 Numbers, National Call Forwarding and National Voicemail Retrievals. Any usage types not specified are not eligible for Allowance credits and are charged at the applicable rate. Allowances & Minimum Monthly Plan Fee applies per individual service or connection from V4 & are not aggregated across multiple services. Unused Allowance expires at the end of each billing cycle, doesn’t carry over and is not refundable or transferable.

2. New Accounts on Mobile Plans can only be set up with V4 for Postpaid Customers with a minimum of 2 Fixed Services or more under the same Account. Postpaid Mobile Tariffs or New SIM Cards for existing Customers are available upon a minimum a 3 – month successful payment history with V4.

3.V4 Mobile Data Allowance: Includes use for National Mobile Data usage only. Both downloads and uploads are counted towards the Mobile Data Allowance calculation each billing cycle. Excludes use for International Mobile Data Roaming. When overseas, International Mobile Data Roaming usage charges apply at applicable rates and services can be turned off without prior warning if no payment or prior security deposit exists on the Account. Any usage types not specified are not eligible for Allowance credits and are charged at the applicable rate. Allowances & Minimum Monthly Plan Fee applies per individual service or connection from V4 and are not aggregated across multiple services. Unused Allowance expires at the end of each billing cycle and is not refundable or transferable. Mobile Data usage includes (but is not limited to) access to email, WAP services, Applications and Internet browsing directly from a mobile device or by using the mobile device as a tethered modem (via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, cable etc.). Any downloaded content, such as ringtones or logos, may incur additional charges from the provider of the content (which will be rebilled to you by V4 at the applicable rates). Mobile Data usage is billed in 1KB increments. 1GB = 1000MB = 1024KB

4. Contract Term & Early Termination Charges: V4 Optus 3G Network Mobile plans are available on a
24-month minimum contract term only. If during a contract term, a connection or service is cancelled
or lost to another provider, Early Termination Fees will apply & is payable within 14 days to V4. Early Termination Charges also apply if a service breaches applicable plan charges or business rules. Early Termination Charges for V4 Mobile Connections or plans is $200 per connection (Inc GST).

5.National Calls: National Calls are; National Direct Dialed (NDD) voice calls from mobile services, connected on the Optus mobile network in Australia, to a fixed line service or mobile service connected to an Australian network (excluding calls to fixed lines or mobiles provided overseas, calls to Premium Service numbers, calls to 13/1300/1800 numbers, calls to satellite phones and such other call types as V4 may specify on your invoice from time to time).

All Calls are billed in 30-second increments at all times.

6.Call Forwarding: The diversion of an incoming call to another fixed or mobile number within Australia. Call Forwarding is also referred to as ’Diversion Mobile to Fixed’ and ‘Diversion Mobile to Mobile’.

7.Service Provider Charges: Network Carriers and the providers of 3rd party services may impose additional costs on V4, which will be rebilled as “Re Bill Charges” or under “Other Charges & Credits” on your V4 invoice.

8.SMS: SMS are text messages to mobile and landline services within Australia (National SMS) or overseas (International SMS). The fixed charge applies to up to 160 characters per message per recipient. Additional text will be charged at the same rate per message. SMS is charged upon origination of a message, regardless of whether delivery is successful or not.

9.V4 Optus 3G Network plans become available from August, 2015.This rate sheet is an annexure to the V4 Terms of Business as at www.v4.net.au / www.v4telecom.com.au and should always be read in full with the separate tariff file (V4 Terms of Business can be supplied separately by our Teams upon request) with details of all tariff prices (including, but not limited to, International Calls, International Roaming etc.).

10.All prices quoted (including plan ‘Allowances’) are inclusive of GST and may vary on your account as some charges are rounded to the nearest cent before GST is applied.
11.All prices and other terms and conditions are subject to change with 30 days’ notice, with the exception of International Calls and International Roaming charges, which are subject to change without notice.

12.The Monthly Access Fee is charged one month in advance and is the minimum amount the service will be charged per billing cycle, regardless of the usage. Monthly Access Fees and Allowances are pro- rated in the first and last billing cycle that a service is active on a particular plan. If a plan is changed mid billing cycle, charges will be adjusted on a pro-rata basis, with the new plan’s Monthly Access Fee charged one month in advance. Please note: Allowance credits are also adjusted on a pro-rata basis.

13.During the minimum contract term, a service may change to a new V4 Mobile plan with a higher Monthly Access Fee without incurring an Early Termination Fee of $200 per service e. A service may change from a certain plan type to a 4G plan type without incurring an ETF from V4 or restarting the contract term, providing the Monthly Access Fee of the 4G type plan is equal to/higher than the current
3G type plan or Service. For all other plan changes, a $200 Early Termination Fee will apply. Should a
3G-type plan be withdrawn for any reason during the contract term, plan changes to the withdrawn plan will no longer be permitted.

14.Bolt-on Data Caps cannot be activated in conjunction with any V4 Mobile Voice plan that includes a Mobile Data Allowance. Any Bolt-on for Data Caps activated in breach of this may be deactivated by V4. Existing services can move to a 3G type plan, providing the service is not currently contracted to a legacy plan. If the service is contracted to an old V4 plan at the time of the plan change, a clawback (and any other applicable fees) will apply for breach of the legacy plan’s contract terms.

15.Plan changes from legacy plans will also reset the contract start date for the service on our system.

16.A $5 Plan Change Fee is applied by our system for all V4 Mobiles rate plan changes, in addition to any applicable ETFs etc

17.V4 will accept no responsibility for excessive or fraudulent usage by the End User or provide usage alerts unless 80% of the cap has been reached or otherwise. V4 completely reserves the right to withdraw or change any mobile plan with applicable notice periods. Without limit, we may request an End User to withdraw from any V4 Mobile plan whom we reasonably believe is using it in a manner which we regard as unreasonable or excessive 1.5 times or above of his accorded monthly voice or data allowance, in addition to or in accordance with the V4 Fair Usage Policy. Optus Network 3G coverage refers to the Optus 3G Network (UMTS 900/2100 MHz). Access to the Optus 3G Network is available when the end-user is in an Optus 3G coverage area with a network compatible device and SIM card. Sales Teams are barred from offering new connections unless end user is clearly within the Coverage Area acceptable to the End User and passes our credit check & order validation terms. Outside 3G coverage areas, Optus 2G Network service may be available with a GSM 900 MHz compatible device.

18.Coverage can be checked at http://www2.optus.com.au using applicable address and device details.

19.For further information or clarification about these plans,
please contact V4 After Sales Teams at 1300 843 130 between Monday to Friday 9 am to 5 pm Eastern Times

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