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Learn more about the features & benefits of VOIP Telephone Systems

A VoIP – Voice over Internet Protocol – telephony as the name suggests is designed to use voice IP technology in order to send and received calls over an IP network. A VoIP brings a massive range of features, functionalities and capabilities which you usually don’t find on a traditional phone system.


With adopting the VoIP system businesses end up spending less money on the hardware and maintenance.


VoIP devices can help users and businesses in cutting down costs, improve collaboration among users and enhances overall productivity within the organisation which isn’t possible with traditional phones.


VoIP works on a simple method wherein it takes the ordinary analog audio signals and turns them into digital signals which get sent over the internet.


Here are some benefits of switching to VoIP:


Improved performance using Packet Switching


VoIP effectively makes use of Packet Switching which focuses on transmitting noisy bits of the phone call without wasting circuit space.


Packet switching happens to be the same method which is utilized by users while surfing on the website. When a person is surfing a particular website then computer isn’t required to maintain a constant connection with the site rather it establishes the connection to send and receive information as needed (based on the user actions like clicking on the link etc.).


This packet switching method allows the transfer of information over the internet act quickly by keeping the lines least congested for better performance.


Excellent Call Quality


People calling you can’t differentiate whether you are using VoIP or traditional phone as there is very little ‘difference in quality’.


Over the years the web technologies have evolved so quickly that today service interruptions or interference are negligible. Call quality happens to be way better than the traditional cell phone reception which is still plagued with hiccups in the transmission.


Assign multiple phone numbers on a single handset


You can easily assign multiple phone numbers on a single handset. It removes the telephone clutter from your desk. Using VoIP is completely hassle-free. You just require a computer, an internet connection coupled with dedicated software to start making calls.


VoIP is a multifunctional system


VoIP enabled devices can handle almost ‘any kind of communication’ from voice and data in the form of typical phone calls, emails, voicemail, faxes, web conferences and so forth. VoIP devices are scalable in nature which means you can add and remove features as per your need without even switching the hardware.


Can be easily integrated with emails and calendar systems


VoIP systems can also be integrated with emails and calendar systems like Microsoft Outlook to boost productivity.


VoIP can help you save on bills


VoIP makes phone calls inexpensive. VoIP devices are known to offer cheaper long distance and international calls as they are charged at the local rate of the call’s destination. It brings added functionality like high-fidelity audio, video and web conferencing capabilities to the typical phone devices.


It boosts productivity with enhanced capabilities for tracking, analysing and reporting data. It makes it easy to perform file transfers, take computer desktop control and edit shared presentations.



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