V4 Telecom Order Cancellation & Service Disconnection Request

Customer authorisation form for cancellation of telecommunication service(s).
Please complete all sections in CAPITAL LETTERS, sign and return to us via email to info@v4.net.au, fax to 03 9826 6832 or post to PO Box 33097, Melbourne Vic 3004.

SECTION 1 - ACCOUNT DETAILS (All fields are mandatory)


SECTION 3 - SERVICE DETAILS (Detail each number to be cancelled - only numbers listed will be cancelled)

  • Code
  • Number


V4 Telecom will disconnect any service actively billing with us in 21-30 days from the date of cancellation received by us via a signed form. The lines in question will cease to work completely unless you re-direct the number to a new number. If you choose to redirect the number being cancelled the following charges (all charges on this form are ex-GST) will apply for redirection (the actual re-directed calls will also be charged as per our V4 Manual Plan):

* A one time cost of $49.00 will be charged per service for all Permanent Disconnection requests. In case of being within the contract, addionally an Early Termination Fee will be charged as per contract.
** The reservation fee will be charged ($10 per month) until you advise V4 Telecom (in writing) it is no longer required.
*** Duration month to month charge is $24.45 (This particular redirection will continue to each month until you advise V4 Telecom to cancel the redirection).
3 month pre paid redirect cost $30 and ceases at the end of 3 months.
6 month pre paid redirect cost $60 and ceases at the end of 6 months.
12 month pre paid redirect cost $120 and ceases at the end of 12 months.

**** The Recorded Voice Announcement options are:
Option 1. Caller is advised number of the new number and call is ended
Option 2. Caller is advised number of the new number and call is re-directed
Option 3. Straight re-direction with no notification.

Option 1
Option 2
Option 3

If 'Yes' continue below. If 'No' go to section 5.


I declare I have read and understood the above conditions and I authorise the services listed on this form to be provisioned with V4 Telecom. I authorise you to take money due to V4 Telecom Pty Ltd out of my nominated account (if provided) on the terms shown on this form and according to the Direct Debit Request Service Agreement and pay it to V4 Telecom Pty Ltd. Person signing this form is personally liable if they are not an authorised signatory for the company listed on this form applying for the services.

To view V4’s Terms of Business please go to our website or visit www.v4.net.au/tob directly.

Priority Assistance

Please be aware that V4 services don’t offer Priority Assistance on any of our products. If you do need priority assistance as a Home User, please contact Telstra for supply of your services using the below information. Please contact V4 at 1300 843 130 or support@v4.net.au for move of your services to Telstra as a Home User if you are an existing customer to V4, at no early termination costs applied by V4. Our teams will assist you if need be.

How do I apply?
If you are eligible for Priority Assist status, you can apply directly to Telstra by completing the Priority Assist application form and posting it (no stamp required) to:

  • Telstra Priority Assist Team
  • Telstra Corporation Limited
  • Reply Paid 79633
  • Newcastle NSW 2300

You can also email your completed application to priorityassistance@team.telstra.com, or fax it to Telstra at 1800 623 537.
How can I get immediate assistance?
If you need immediate assistance with a fault on your existing line, please call 13 2203.
For immediate help with a new line connection, please call Telstra on 1800 331 286.


Happy Call

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