To transfer ownership of your plan/service, both you and the applicant need to complete this form.
Please complete all sections in CAPITAL LETTERS, sign and return to us via email to, fax to 03 9826 6832 or post to PO Box 33097, Melbourne Vic 3004.

SECTION 1 - ACCOUNT DETAILS (To be completed by the current customer)


If approved, your plan/s will be transferred under the same terms and conditions as currently exist with you unless otherwise requested.

• You must disclose to the applicant these terms and conditions including all fees and charges (this includes call rates and access fees).
• Your plan and any associated fees and charges will remain with your account until the transfer is completed.
• Your account balance and any unbilled calls will remain on your account and will be billed to you up until when the service has been transferred.

Every V4 Telecom bill is automatically sent via email unless paper bill is selected. Please email my bill to:

I understand that I am still responsible for my services until such time as the transfer of ownership has been approved.

SECTION 2 - ACCOUNT DETAILS To be completed by the applicant (Applicant MUST be over 18 years of age to apply)

SECTION 3: Please list all Service Numbers to be transferred below

  • Phone Numbers
  • Service: Phone, Fax, Mobile, Other
  • Plan Name
  • Site Address

SECTION 4 - Acknowledgment

I declare I have read and understood the above conditions and I authorise the services listed on this form to be provisioned with V4 Telecom. I authorise you to take money due to V4 Telecom Pty Ltd out of my nominated account (if provided) on the terms shown on this form and according to the Direct Debit Request Service Agreement and pay it to V4 Telecom Pty Ltd. Person signing this form is personally liable if they are not an authorised signatory for the company listed on this form applying for the services.

To view V4’s Terms of Business please go to our website or visit directly.