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V4 Telecom is a telecommunications supplier that offers Line Rental, Phone Calls, Broadband, Fibre, Broadband, Mobile Telephony & online services to Consumers & Small Businesses in Australia

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Morgan Hughes

At V4 Telecom, we make every effort to ensure that our customers are happy with the level of services we provide, and the products and service they receive from us at all times. However, despite our best efforts, things may go wrong sometimes. We take customer complaints extremely seriously and aim to resolve them quickly, pro-actively and efficiently at all times in all circumstances.

Complaint Handling Process at V4

You have the right to make a complaint if you’re dissatisfied with our services or with how we’ve handled your enquiry. We will not charge you for managing your complaint. You may lodge a complaint via the following methods.

Phone 1300 843 130 Mon-Fri, 9am to 5pm AEST/ADST
Fax 03 9826 6832
Mail Customer Services Manager
V4 Telecom, PO Box 33097,
Melbourne Vic 3004

What is a Complaint?

A complaint is any expression of dissatisfaction or grievance made to us about any of our products and services, or the way we’ve managed a complaint. If you or your representative contact us and are not happy about our products or service, we will ask if you want to have your concern managed as a complaint

How we resolve complaints

BY ONLINE FORM: Fill out your details on our online complaints form ( Your case will then be assigned to a dedicated case manager, who will get in touch with you within 48 hours.

BY PHONE: You can speak to one of our consultants over the phone to try and resolve your complaint straight away. If they’re unable to solve your problem, a manager will take responsibility for your issue.

BY EMAIL OR LETTER: We will respond to your complaint within 48 hours of receiving it and provide you with an indication of how long it will take to resolve. A record of your complaint, including a description of its category, is kept on your file and we can view this when you quote the account or service number on your bill at any time.
We aim to resolve all customer complaints within 10 working days. If there is a delay in resolving your complaint, we will contact you as soon as possible after we become aware of it. If we think it will take us longer than 10 days to resolve, we will provide you with additional information about the delay, expected timeframe to resolve it, and avenues for external dispute resolution. When you speak to us regarding a complaint, the consultant will usually communicate with you directly when resolving your concerns. They may also provide you with a direct telephone number to contact them if you want to follow up with them. In all cases, however, our Customer Service Team can assist you via the contact details on your bill or at the top of this policy, if you need a further update on how your complaint is progressing.

What if my complaint is urgent?

The majority of complaints are dealt with in the order they are received. There are certain types of complaints which are always considered urgent; usually complaints referred by our financial hardship team and where a customer has lost service, or we become aware that their service may become lost, for an unknown or unusual reason. These types of complaints are given priority and we will work to resolve them within 48 hours. If your complaint is of this nature, please call us on 1300 843 130. If you feel your complaint is urgent and requires priority for any other reason, please speak with a Customer Service representative who will do their utmost to assist.

How do I lodge a complaint?

To lodge a complaint you can use any of the methods listed above and V4 staff are always available via phone or email to answer questions regarding complaint lodgement in addition to resolving issues and problems at first contact.
If you are suffering financial hardship you can find more information at if you need assistance due to special needs or disabilities or you are from a non-English background you can elect to have a representative of your choice communicate with us to resolve your complaint. In addition you can utilise the following services :

Translation Service : The Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs provides a Translating and Interpreting Service (TIS) for non-English speakers. If another language is required you can call TIS on 13 1450 and request to be connected to V4 on 1300 843 130

Relay Service: You can contact us through the National Relay Service on 13 3677 or by using the Internet Relay Service

How can I confirm my complaint is resolved?

We will not implement an outcome or resolution unless this has been accepted by you or your representative. We will not close your complaint without your agreement, unless we are unable to contact you after making multiple attempts to do so. While we will usually discuss your complaint with you via telephone, we are happy to confirm the resolution via letter or email within 5 working days should you request this. We aim to resolve all customer complaints within 15 working days. If we cannot speak with you directly we will send you a letter/email acknowledging your complaint and provide our direct contact details so you can call us back at your convenience.

What do we expect from you?

To ensure your complaint is resolved effectively, we may need to contact you to find out more information and to discuss your concerns. Therefore we may ask you for contact details to enable this, and to be available to discuss this at a time you agree to. While your complaint is being investigated, we ask that any outstanding amounts on your bill that you are not disputing be paid. We will not take credit management action on amounts that are part of your complaint, nor will we disconnect your service just because you are making a complaint. Should your matter be complex, or require extra time to resolve, we will discuss this with you and provide you with the reasons why this is the case. If, after careful consideration, we believe we cannot assist you further and your complaint is frivolous or vexatious, then we may decide not to deal further with your complaint. If this is the case, then we will let you know within 5 working days of our decision.

What if I am still dissatisfied?

If you are not satisfied with our review of your complaint you can request that the matter is escalated within V4. This will mean that your complaint is directed to management for them to review the case. Escalation will be attended to within 3 business days. If you are still not satisfied with the way in which we have handled the complaint, you can ask the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO) to assist, after you have spoken with us.To lodge a complaint with the TIO you can call 1800 062 058 (1800675692 from a TTY handset) or contact them via their website Please note that the TIO will expect that you have attempted to resolve the complaint with V4 before lodging a TIO complaint.

Complaint Acceptance Trail at V4

A record of the complaint, together with all subsequent activity, will be entered onto the appropriate customer database systems of V4 within the Notes Section. The immediate enquiry handler (the employee who makes first contact with the Customer at the 1st instance) will attempt to resolve the complaint. If the handler or the V4 Member is not able to successfully resolve the complaint, the relevant information will then be passed to the appropriate senior member within the same department to take ownership and resolve it for the Customer. Unresolved enquiries will be transferred to the compliance department headed by the GM.

FAQs for the Customer on V4’s Complaint Handling Process

Can I refer my complaint to someone else if I’m still unhappy with the way V4 Telecom has dealt with it? The Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman is an independent organization, which is approved by ACMA & the Telecom industry to provide an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) service. These services sort out disputes between communications providers and their consumer and small business customers. Their job is to investigate complaints fairly by listening to both sides of the story. They look at the facts given to them before recommending any action that may be needed to put things right. Alternatively, if at any time you are not satisfied with the progress of your complaint you can ask us to agree an early referral to TIO or you can refer to TIO directly. However, we may decline to do so if we do believe we will shortly resolve your complaint and are taking active steps to do so and keeping you informed of progress at regular intervals at all times.

Telecommunication Industry Ombudsman (TIO)

Ombudsman Services: TIO provides a free independent service for customers who are not satisfied with the final outcome of their complaints with V4.

You may contact TIO using the below:

Before contacting TIO, please try to resolve your complaint with V4 Telecom.

If you have done this, and feel that you have not been able to reach a fair and reasonable resolution, please contact TIO by:


Fax 1800 630 614

Post PO Box 276, Collins St West VIC 8007

Visit Level 3, 595 Collins Street, Melbourne Victoria Australia.

TIO will contact you and let you know the next steps. If your complaint is urgent, please call TIO on 1800 062 058. For more information about the TIO, see

Complaint Form is also available at

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