V4 Manual

Learn about the V4 Manual tariffs and all their details available with V4 Telecom Australia.

Line Items Description
Monthly Access Fee $36
Local Calls 20 cents per call
National Calls 16 cents per minute with 40c Flagfall
Landline to Mobile Voice Calls 26 cents per minute with 40c Flagfall
International Calls Top 20 Countries* (For full list of International Rates please click here)
Minimum Contract Length 12 months
Termination Fee $200 per service Bolt On Specials
Unlimited Calls To Local Landlines With Bolt On Specials $13
Unlimited Calls To National Landlines With Bolt On Specials $16
Unlimited Calls To Australian Mobiles With Bolt On Specials $30
Unlimited Calls To 13/1300 Numbers With Bolt On Specials (Premium numbers & back to base alarms (unique number of 1345 number range) are not included in the 1300 bolt on specials) $30

V4 Manual Plan Flyer Critical Info Summary

The Small Stuff

Things you need to know: A payment processing fee is charged for V4 bills paid by credit card. For Visa and MasterCard the rate is 1.8% of the payment amount, plus applicable GST. Visit our Bill Payment Fees FAQ for more information on this fee. This plan is only available on PSTN lines. Other line types (ISDN/Multiline) will attract higher fees. Calls to Australian mobiles excludes calls to satellite numbers. V4 customers agree not to acquire services from other carriage service providers by dialling their access override code. Temporary connection charge applies if your home phone service is connected for three months or less. If you cancel your service within three months, you will need to pay the $100 difference between the Standard and Temporary Connection charges to correctly reflect your connection type. Additional charges may apply for items such as cabling past the first socket, trenching or more difficult installations. Additional line fee only applies if installed at the same time at the same premises and for the same customer as the first line. Where an additional telephone service is required but all ports for telephone services are occupied, an additional ONT will need to be installed. This will be treated as a new service.

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