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As a V4 Customer, you receive free migration to the NBN once available in your area. A quick look at our NBN Tariff Offering & Structure, & you know why our sales growth has been better than most mid Tier Telcos. Our Teams plan through the whole transition, while we aim to ensure your services continue to work as usual. Our pledge with the NBN stays the same, Our Team Members will work with you as a Customer in Partnership at all times, where your needs will remain our top priority at all times, whether its via phone, email or Online! Please call 1300 843 130 or Email support@v4.net.au, for any NBN related inquiries Monday to Friday 9 am to 5 pm Eastern Times.

  • Superb Value Tariffs!

    Starting from just $59.99, your Business can choose the Tariff which fit your needs and budget. With generous data limits, V4 NBN Tariffs offer great value for money as usual.

  • No Hidden Costs!

    Clear, Transparent Tariff with no surprises on the Bill. What you sign up to, is what we are committed to deliver.

  • NBN Trained Customer Service!

    100% focused on the NBN, Our Teams have spent the last few months on Customer NBN Focussed training & are well trained to handle the Connectivity needs of a V4 Customer.

  • Proudly Australian!

    V4 is an 8 years old independent Telecommunications business based in Melbourne serving Australia wide & a Partner to your growth as a Business. When with V4.

  • Customer First!

    At V4, we pride ourselves on keeping you at the core of our Company Ethos & Culture. We will go out of our way most times to ensure customer experience.

Firstly check to see if you can get NBN

NBN Critical Information Summary

NBN Customer Pricing Checker

• Unlimited Data *Speed will be reduced if V4 determine user is abusing the service.

• All voice/data bundles are a minimum 24 month contract period. Early termination fees apply, equivalent to remaining contract months times monthly access.

• NBN Speeds:

Line speed refers to the max NBN port access speed. Actual speeds may differ due to various factors including your equipment, the capacity of our systems and our suppliers, the number of end-users using the service, the applications you are using and the websites you are accessing. V4 therefore cannot guarantee that you will receive the maximum NBN port access speed at your premises.

Suggested router for nbn compatibility

TP-Link TD-W9970 -

Fast Broadband Speeds – Up to 100Mbps broadband speeds, ideal for smooth streaming media and online gaming
Cost-Effective VoIP – Supports up to eight VoIP accounts and numerous call features, keeping phone costs low
Versatile USB Sharing – USB 2.0 port for shared storage, media, and voicemail. (99.99 One Time)

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