V4 Standard Charges

Line Rental

Price Monthly Description
$6.00 Faxstream Duet Service
$34.95 Network Access Rental
$34.95 Faxstream Service
$34.95 Business Telephone Line
$53.85 Payphone Rental
$86.50 Telstra Wholesale ISDN 2B+D
$468.45 ISDN 30 Access

Additional Charges

Price Description
$4.99 Paper Billing Charge
$49.99 Permanent Disconnection
1.8% Surcharge Card Fee Payable by Visa /MasterCard
4% Surcharge Card Fee Payable by AMEX / Diners
$0.00 B-Pay Payment Fee or Electronic Fund Transfer Payments
$27.99 Direct Debit Dishonoured Fee
$30.99 Cheque Dishonoured Fee
$14.99 Late Payment Fee
$86.50 Telstra Wholesale ISDN 2B+D
$9.99 Bill Reprints (Inform at Customer contact point always)
$10.99 Non Direct Debit Surcharge (POS)
$49.99 Change of Ownership by Company
$30.99 Suspension Fee Payable
$2.99 Pay By Post / Post Bill Pay
$3.99 Cheque Processing Fee
$99.99(or 1 Month’s worth Invoice refundable end of contract term) Bad Credit Security Fee (Refundable)
$200 per service Early Termination/Cancellation Fee

Connection Charges

Connection Type Price Criteria for Charging
Telephone line connection
First and Additional
$59.00 A working telephone socket exists from a previous connection and one of our technicians is not required to visit your property or premises
Telephone line connection with a technician visit
First Connection
Additional Connections
A previous telephone service existed at your property or premises and one of our technicians is required to visit your property or premises to reconnect existing suitable cabling in the following places:
For home services: at any distributor and/or the first socket
For business services: at the main distribution frame or first socket where no main distribution frame exists
Telephone line connection
First Connection
Additional Connections
(a) New telephone line connection
A telephone service has not previously been connected at your property or premises (although we may have previously installed cabling to your property or premises and you maybe able to hear a soft dial tone); or
(b) Telephone line connection with technician visit with cabling work
A previous telephone service existed at your property or premises and one of our technicians is required to visit your property or premises to install and/or work on the cabling.
For home services: up to the first socket in the property or premises;
For business services: up to the main distribution frame or first socket where no main distribution frame exists

Telstra Value Added Services

Price Monthly Description
$2.20 Easycall Call Forward Selected Callers
$2.20 Easycall Remote Access
$2.30 Extension Ringer
$2.30 General Purpose Alarm
$2.30 Telephone Tone Ringer
$2.53 ISDN Line Hunt – cyclic – Directory Number
$2.53 OnRamp Line Hunt – cyclic – Associated Line
$2.60 PBX Rotary
$2.75 Touchfone 400
$2.86 Easycall Abbreviated Dialling 60 Number Extension
$2.93 Silent Number
$2.99 Additional Telephone Handset Rental
$2.99 Cordless Rental Extension Handset CR2000E
$2.99 Disability Telephone Rental
$2.99 Extension Telephone Handset Rental
$2.99 Handset maintenance
$2.99 Handset maintenance Additional Handsets
$2.99 One Telephone Handset Rental (rental of a Telstra key control phone as a first phone)
$2.99 Standard Phone T1000S Rental
$3.29 Big Button Multi-Phone
$3.30 Easycall Abbreviated Dialling
$3.30 Easycall Call Control
$3.30 Easycall Call Forward Set the Time
$3.30 Easycall Delayed Hotline
$3.30 Enquiry/Conference
$5.00 Line Hunt – Call Circulate
$5.00 Line Hunt – Call Share
$3.70 Reversal On Answer
$4.40 Easycall Smart Ring
$4.40 ISDN Service Auxiliary Number
$4.54 Customer loop metering
$5.50 FaxBank Mailbox
$5.50 Faxstream Never Busy Service
$5.50 ISDN 2 Advice of Charge (Auto invocation AOC-D)
$5.50 Malicious call trace
$6.00 Calling Number Display
$6.00 Calling Number Display Phone T1000C Rental
$6.00 Calling Number Display Phone T1000C SMS
$6.00 Calling Number Display Rental Touchfone
$6.00 Cordless Rental Phone – CR2000
$6.00 Easycall Multiple Number
$6.00 Message Bank
$6.00 Message Bank Call manager
$6.05 Calling Line Identification Presentation
$6.30 Disability handsfree telephone
$59.00 Temporary disconnection
$6.60 Pay telephone stand
$7.26 T400 Volume Control
$7.26 Touchfone 200 expander(s)
$7.26 Volume control(s)
$7.50 ISDN Call Transfer
$8.80 Business Links
$8.80 Instant Hotline Facility
$9.71 Number Reservation
$11.00 ISDN 30 Advice of Charge (per Call request)
$12.10 ISDN 2 Extension Level Billing
$13.60 Centel/Centel Plus Citywide
$14.85 Centel Plus Package
$24.95 Number Held for Call Diversion
$25.17 Indial – per 100 Number block
$30.00 Number Redirection-ongoing
$38.72 OnRamp DID service – per 100 numbers used
$46.20 Line Hunt Connection/Moves/Changes
$52.91 Direct Indial Service – OnRamp
$30.99 Suspension Removal Fee
$69.30 Pay telephone cabinet(s) Rental
$109.95 Number Redirection Indial

All Prices mentioned above include GST. All Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

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